Globetrans Climate

No greater challenge or opportunity has humankind faced in modern times than a changing climate and warming planet. Economic models, with their legacy supply and demand assumptions no longer apply. Ignoring a changing climate carries with it the business and social consequences of economic disruption and environmental destruction.

Globetrans Energy

Viable and cost efficient Cleantech energy alternatives to a fossil-fueled economy of the last century abound. Sustainable energy options featuring unprecedented zero emissions operations are driving new efficiencies and a global energy transformation that will affect every economic segment of our planet.

Globetrans Technology

New cleantech technologies are incorporating advances in hardware, software, communications, biotechnology, and robotics to address economic and environmental challenges -- technology advances that offer unprecedented investment opportunities towards addressing inefficiencies and cost challenges impacting economic growth and sustainability.

Globetrans Policy

Policy and power politics are undeniable linked. Vested interests in blocking sustainability efforts have slowed progress in favor of legacy investments and profits -- economic and political interests that have been effective in creating policy obstacles are to be factored in the formulation of any forward investment risk assessment or business plan. Other policy forces, most notably, science, progressive governance, and a marketplace hungry for advances and solutions that serve the overall public interest can and do move Cleantech solutions forward.